Collaborative Trip
Planning Made Easy

Create a Trip

Enter your trip information with the location and dates. Add your friends and family to the trip so that they can collaborate with you!


Quickly and easily discover attractions at your destination. Learn about new places and get the information you need.


Propose a vote for your chosen attractions. If a majority of people vote in favor of the attraction it will be added to the plan.

Demo of PLANR

Play around with a prototype of PLANR. Click on any of the buttons on the phone below to get started.

Play around with a prototype of PLANR

About Us

We are a group of 3 seniors studying Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. We found that we all shared a passion for traveling and even all studied abroad. One of the major challenges we encountered while studying abroad was planning trips with our friends. Our hope is that PLANR will make this easier.

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